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Fluorescent Tube Guards - Fluorolite Plastics
Fluorescent Tube Guards are an easy and economical choice in areas where lamp breakage and/or U.V. filtration is a concern. They simply slide over your ...
T8 F32 Clear Tube Guards 4' T8 Tube Lamps - Fluorolite Plastics
T8 F32 CLEAR: Tube Guards - For use with 4' T-8 tube lamps; Includes Endcaps.
Tube Guard Sleeve - T8 F32 Green- 4' T8 tube lamps - Fluorolite ...
Tube Guards| T8 F32 - 4' -An inexpensive alternative to custom lighting, the green fluorescent tube guard at fluorolite.com provide safety...
Dimming 4 pack Exclusive Fluorolite Design Dimmable Tube Guards
T8 F32 DIMMING-4 PACK: Exclusive Fluorolite Design -Dimmable Tube Guards - T8 - 48" , 4 PACK Distributed by Fluorolite Plastics.
T12 F40 CLEAR: Tube Guards – For use with 4 - Fluorolite Plastics
T12 F40 CLEAR: Tube Guards - For use with 4' T12 tube lamps; Includes Endcaps. ... At Fluorolite, we do all that — plus so much more.
Fluorolite Plastics
Provide plastic light covers for all applications including indoor and outdoor. Light diffusers for fluorescent lights, decorative, and LED.
Fluorescent Light Cover Replacements | 1 (508) 788-1200
Fluorolite Plastics uses the best quality products to bring you the highest quality fluorescent light fixture covers. We are well equipped with over 45+ ...
UV Absorbing Plastic | Fluorescent Light Covers | 45+ Years
UV blocking tube guards are used to for safer light diffusion through out an area of space. Fluorolite Plastics trusted brand over 45+ years.
Ceiling Light Covers | Elevator Light Panels - Fluorolite Plastics
All available plastics fluorescent products for purchase. Fluorolite Plastics Products is the Top Trusted Brand in Quality for over 45+ Years.
Product Categories | Flourolite Plastics | Light Diffuser - Fluorolite ...
Product Categories available through Fluorolite Plastics tubeguards, flatsheet, vaportight, wraparound, globes, ceiling light covers.
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